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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry is a branch of Dentistry that attends and treats different oral diseases from the earliest childhood until the end of growth. Therefore, the pediatric dentist will be in charge of exploring the child's oral cavity and detecting possible abnormalities in the primary dentition (milk teeth), as well as applying an individualized procedure and treatment.

The purpose of Pediatric Dentistry is to prevent children from suffering more serious problems in adulthood. During their childhood, parents or guardians, with the help of the dentist, are responsible for transmitting correct hygiene habits to the child to ensure a healthy oral condition in the future.

- Oral hygiene teaching.

- Groove and fissure sealants . In order to protect children from cavities, this method is used which fills the cracks on the surface of the teeth to prevent cavities.

- Pulpectomy . Pulpectomy is a treatment similar to endodontics that is performed in adults, but with the difference that caries affects a baby tooth.

- Obturation . Also known as a filling, it is another technique used to treat cavities. Cavities that are not treated can cause, in addition to discomfort in the child, serious oral problems in the future.

- Application of fluoride . This method is carried out to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities.

- Orthodontics . This treatment is carried out to correct alterations or abnormalities in bone or dental development that may exist in the child's oral cavity.


Stage 0 to 3 years is considered preventive. If there are no problems, an annual visit is recommended. However, from the age of 5, during the replacement period, it is advisable to have a check every 6 months.

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